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Looking for A Driver?

My Chauffeur Valet Singapore Drive Home Services provides Prompt, Reliable and Professional Valet Drivers to help you Drive-Home in the comfort of your car.

Drive Home Service My Chauffeur Valet
Don't Drink and Drive.

Let Us Help Drive-Home

Click to Call 8115 2345

S$ 38.00 Point A to Point B
(if applicable)
every additional drop


Mondays - Thursdays
9pm to 3:45am

Fridays, Saturdays &
Eve of Public Holidays
9pm to 4:45am

*S$ 50.00 minimum charge
for request outside operating hours (subjected to availability of driver(s))
hire a My Chauffeur Valet drive-home valet driver
Drive Home Service arrangements outside operating hours are subjected to availability of Valet Drivers  @S$50.00min.

You Drink We will Drive

“Don’t Drive to Drink and You will Not Drink and Drive.”

Alternatively, hire a

Designated Driver from My Chauffeur Valet Singapore

. Our Drive Home Valet Service will ensure you reach home safely, every time.

Heading out for drinks straight after work is now hassle-free as a detour to leave your car at home is no longer required.

In addition, our Drive-Home Valet Service will help you avoid long queues at the taxi stands, hefty private-hire cars price surges and over-night parking charges.

Now everyone can enjoy evening out without any worries for only a mere S$38.00.

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It's Easy and Convenient

Click to Call 8115 2345 half an hour before your intended time of departure.

Our professional and friendly Valet Drivers will meet at your agreed pick-up location and safely drive you and your friend home in the comfort of your car.

Affordable and Reasonable

My Chauffeur Valet Singapore - "Best Professional Drive Home Valet Services 2016/17" will only cost a mere *S$38.00.

Why take the risk ? We all have loved ones, careers and other assets to protect. Make the Right Choice, hire a Reliable Valet Driver from My Chauffeur Valet Singapore.

*Valet charges during operating hours 9pm to 4am weekdays / 5am weekends. Min. S$50.00 applies after operating hours subjected to Valet driver(s) availability.


Singapore Most Trusted Valet Service Provider Award 2016

Consumers Choice My Chauffeur Valet Most Trusted Drive-Home Valet 2016 Award

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TERMS OF HIRE = Do take note that by engaging our

Valet Service, Drive-Home Valet Service, Valet Driver,

you are authorizing our My Chauffeur Valet Singapore drivers to drive your car with knowledge of the release of all liabilities for purpose of motor insurance coverage.

The management and staff of My Chauffeur Valet Singapore shall not
be held responsible for any accident, injury or death to person, damages or loss of the vehicle in any course of event.
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